Sunday, March 3, 2019

My Top 5 Favorite Bigfoot YouTube Channels

I try not to play favorites too much in research. It seems each researcher offers a different aspect of the study. But, some channels found on YouTube and created by researchers have my avid interest with every video.

Fred Kanney is one of my favorite researchers. Fred not only gives us lots of video to work with, but as he films, he shares openly his vast knowledge of tracking, finding signs, and communicating with the Forest People. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the life and habits of the Tall Ones. 

This channel is very impressive. A quiet and observant researcher in Southern Ontario takes to the forests and studies areas that show the most magnificent constructions reportedly by Bigfoot than have been seen anywhere. It is so prolific, that it could be considered a village situation.

Perhaps one of my favorite researchers and one who has made the most contributions to verifying Bigfoot video and photos as valid or invalid, who treks out into the wilds, and ponders all aspects of Bigfootery, is MK Davis. His videos share everything he finds in detail, all the evidence, leaving us to decide if the studied visuals and audios are real or misinterpreted. His soothing voice and active mind make his videos a much sought-after source of information.

Thinker Thunker is a rascal with a very sharp and analytical mind. He breaks down video evidence and shows you the science behind the evaluations. You leave YouTube feeling as if you were just educated by the Bill Nye of Bigfootery. 

Jaime Avalos of Sierra Sasquatch is one of the sharpest survival experts in the orthopedic medical field, who can combine his knowledge in both to track down the Sierra Sasquatch throughout the range. His videos are cinematically breathtaking. The tracks he studies at very high elevations where no one goes have proven to his satisfaction that some of the Sasquatch People trek huge distances across the ranges.

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