Is Texas Missing the Boat on the Next Big Oil Boom?

Even though in April hemp will no longer be considered a controlled substance in the great State of Texas, the growing of hemp is still in a no man's land. 

Given the amount of land to farm industrial hemp on and the need for hemp fabrics, paper, and other products that can save our forests, it seems the South should be the new industrial growing region of the country, usurping the forests of the North. 

It seems clear cut to those who want to grow medicinal and industrial hemp on the land that Texas could become the capital of more than one kind of oil!

Here's just some of what industrial hemp is capable of making - 

cattle feed
plastic products

Many tout the benefits of medicinal hemp for anxiety, appetite, pain and healing, but industrial hemp has enormous implications on our world.

Hemp takes 100 days to grow (20 feet height). That's 100 days!!! A tree grows 50-100 years to be processed for paper and other products. 

In a state with a climate such as Texas, growing a few crops a year is a no brainer. It can also be used as cattle feed, which makes it highly convenient for the beef state! 

Texas Hemp Cooperative is a nonprofit organization established to provide accumulative crop venue so that they too can compete with the large commercial farms. 

"Every farmer in the State of Texas deserves the same right to the stream of income this crop will provide that other farmers in this country has," says the federal government. 

We will be watching Texas closely to see if they are ready for the next big boom. I suspect the Department of Agriculture is getting vigorous input from the farmers. 

It will be wonderful to see a state with such strong determined citizens, endless landscape, and great climate takes advantage!

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