Monday, March 4, 2019

Images From the Blog That Haunt Me Still

In this post about mummies found under a church in Spain, this screaming and well preserved mummy creeped me out and still does (LINK)

I'm going to share more haunting images - 

Then, there was this photo taken in Crater of the Moon in Idaho. An obscure cave was entered by Don Monroe and some other researchers when something stood up on two legs from behind a boulder and scared the team. This tall, red-headed being was quite the sight and one team member managed to shoot of a quick picture that has stupified the men ever since. The cave since that time caved in from an earthquake. 

This one I came to call the UFO crash in the Grand Canyon - still an unsolved mystery. (LINK)

A photographer with professional equipment went into the desert in Tucson and took photos of the moon and in one pic in the consecutive shots, this showed up. (LINK)

Missy (right side) the unexplained skull found in 1956 on a dig. The skull had no body with it. Just the head. And the very unusual head shape, unbelievably big and odd-shaped eye orbits, space between nose and mouth, odd nasal hole, narrow temples, bun-shaped head. She is still unanswered. (LINK)

Joe Taylor showed a great comparison in the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum of a giant compared to us. (LINK)

"Chickosaurus" was found after about a 4-hour crawl through a cave that was very challenging. It sat there in the rear of the cave with no apparent way for this large bird-like creature to get in there. Even after lots of input, what it is remains a mystery. (LINK)

The Stalker from "The Stalker Between the Worlds" series. The Walker finally had enough and set up a game cam only to capture something 7-feet tall an apparently hairy. (LINK)

I have many more photos I hope to share once permissions are granted. It's an interesting world and this X-Files curious lady will continue to bring it to y'all, eager for your input!

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