Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hemp! A Beauty Solution

I get excited when I run into great indie artisans, especially in our State of Arizona. At the Chandler Farmer's Market recently, I ran into two incredible entrepreneurs from Thedible who were representing hemp products from their organic farm. 

They offer bath bombs, lotion, tinctures, soaps and more. I tried out one of the soaps at home and I was so very impressed. I had been using Lush soaps, but this was even better at moisturizing and foaming and smelling. LINK

In most instance, the folks who make our beauty products are a factory somewhere far away and we don't get to know how the products come to be, the minds and spirits behind them. I was thrilled to meet this young men, shake their hands, and thank them profusely for filling an important need with organics in mind.

Hemp has many advantages. One of the most appealing its oils reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Some of the important oils it produces cannot be made by the body, so applying them topically is a huge boon to the condition of the skin and antiaging qualities. Add that its natural anti-inflammatory benefits and skin irritations are greatly reduced for things like bacteria, fungus, and psoriasis.

This is in my new lineup of products for giving my skin the best chance to be non-irritated, non-inflamed, smooth, well-hydrated, and happy. When you read the list of ingredients, you will smile. So simply put and yet such divine alchemy. Their scents are spot-on, blended by someone with a fine nose for what we want to linger on our skin.

Check these fine entrepreneurs out at their site - THEDIBLE.

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