Haunted Shirley: Doll #3's Eyes Have Changed

It started with one strange Shirley Temple doll with a history of fires, pet sickness, and objects moving "red eyes" and went on to two more dolls being added to the collection. Doll #3 has shown an interesting eye change - 

Back in January, the eyes were slate blue. Now, they are purple. 

The dolls continue to be held at another residence following the accidents I've had in this home after "green eyes" leg was broken and I took a big spill on the concrete on my left side.

Dennis Guern, my co-researcher, has been suggesting some possible solutions to the dilemma. As soon as he acquired them, he had one of the worst flus of his life. One of his dogs got sick. He will be working on the documentary and the solution with me. 

We are going to be doing a short documentary on the dolls and showing what to do with troublesome objects. The human factor is a HUGE part of "cursed" items as the moment we believe they are negative, we actually help add negative energy to them. Sometimes, it is as much about healing us as healing them. Both aspects must be dealt with. 

We have brought in a very observant researcher, Rhonda Rubattino, to spend some time with the dolls and observe ongoing activity. She took photos of the girls together and found that Red Eyes seems to change her eye position. 

I decided to go through my pics of her - 

I admit, I often felt her eyes were following me, but I never took photos to show that. Her eyes do not move, they are fixed in the head. 

There will be many attempts at documenting phenomena, getting to the heart of the real trouble among them (likely "Green Eyes") and also how to heal an object that might have become anthropomorphic (having human characteristics). 

If our world is just a projection of our own reality, then our powers are considerable. Imagine a doll that is meant to receive love and affection and a doll that might have been the butt of a child's hurt and anger? Imagine a doll that can absorb the "spirit" energies around us? 

We may have more power than we realized in that it appears we are a big part of activation of both hauntings and haunted objects.

I want to delve more into how such relationships occur and energies are stored and expressed. I am highly impressed with Dennis's and Rhonda's courage and determination to define these energies.

More coming soon....