Three-Toed Humanoid Tracks

Honey Island Swamp Monster

Three-toed humanoids. Their tracks are seen from time to time and we are going to look at a variety of them here and discuss. 

This track above was taken in Death Valley by Don Monroe and MK Davis, measuring around 14-15 inches and six tracks were seen near a cave.

The Honey Island finds of 1972 were an interesting bunch of casts. Honey Island in Mississippi is the site of Harlan Ford's encounter with what came to be named the Honey Island Swamp Monster. 

He reported it stood eye level with him and had large amber eyes.

South Carolina reports a "Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp" and the track above was taken from a supposed print. 

Reported to be 7-feet tall with three fingers, this creature was described as angry, even attacking a car. 

This one above is in rock, a large print and a smaller print, referred to ask the Delk Footprint. 

This is a dinosaur track above. Theropod tracks are pretty distinct. But, some of these "humanoid" ones catch our attention for not being a splayed 3 toes with little pad. They have a human-like length to the foot and heel but three toes. 

Could they be alligator? 

Four toes.

Could it be ostrich?

Two toes.

So far, the best culprit is a dinosaur....