Live a Pirate Fantasy!

Got spring fever already? Love pirates? How about some pirate fantasies come true? 

Rent a 96' pirate ship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a pirate-attired crew. LINK  You can do many activities including a treasure hunt, open bar, and lots of mayhem as the crew swings around the riggin'.

How about staying in a California Legoland Pirate Room? LINK

Renaissance Festivals often have pirate-themed areas and characters. LINK

A pirate treasure hunt on the Chesapeake might be just the thing. LINK

You can't get away to pirate events or resorts? How about a little pirate cosplay with your loved ones, whether a party or an intimate evening with your honey? LINK

How about taking the pirates to your own domain and holding a pirate-themed party? Hand out eye patches and lengths of cloth for belting and felt vests. Use fish netting, barrels, sail cloth, and fake parrots. 

And, don't forget your epic pirate music. This can be a fun music to have in the background on the weekend to set the adventuring tone. 

Dirty pirate popsicles - Coke, Kahlua and Rum.

Consider having a binge marathon of "The Curse of Oak Island show" 

For a subtle nod to your love of pirate adventure, wear a piece of pirate-themed jewelry. LINK 

A wee pirate cocktail might hit the spot. LINK 

And lastly, try a pirate movie - 

The Crimson Pirate
The Sea Hawk
Captain Blood
The Master of Ballantrae
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Princess Bride
Cutthroat Island
Treasure Island
The Pirate Movie
Peter Pan
The Buccaneer
The Island