Friday, February 8, 2019

Haunted Shirley: Haunted Dolls Need New Home

Haunted Shirley and the brown-eyed and green-eyed Shirley Temple, as well as "Goo-Goo Doll" need to go!

Goo Goo Doll

As a psychometrist, I can tell you that I've done a read on all the dolls and saw nothing about the collective energies that was concerning, other than red-eyed Haunted Shirley being a sterile read which would only happen if she was kept in certain conditions or an energy with intelligence was blocking. 

My take on object attachment is that there are no entities residing inside of dolls wanting to take over. What I do find is built up emotionally-based energy. Sometimes, those energies compete or contrast each other, causing object movement and "bad" or even "good" luck, depending.

I often advise people with heirlooms and antiques to move the display around because energies can clash. Suppose two objects have positive energy and one energy is like Christmas morning with excitement and thrills and the other is a zen-like meditative peaceful loving energy. The energies are both positive, but up against each other they create a rift. That rift can cause people to see apparitions, feel sick or uneasy, affect their moods, or have object movement. 

Since I have had Haunted Shirley, I have had three accidents. One was soon after she arrived, I ran into a doorway with my shoulder very hard. Another time, I twisted my knee and had trouble walking for weeks. 

The last time was a bit more scary as I had acquired all the dolls, but I had accidentally knocked the green-eyed one from her perch and her left leg/foot broke off. 

The very next day, I slipped on boxes in the garage and fell onto my left hip/butt and was in serious pain for weeks. 

I had a friend who felt confident about taking them remove them from the house and take them home. He promptly developed a horrendous flu and ended up in the hospital.

That didn't daunt him until he woke up one morning recently and all three of his dogs were barking at the Shirley dolls and the protective amulet he keeps in a showcase was missing!

I truly believe the only way to negate these clashing energies is to separate the dolls and store each one away with some stones of some good value of protection such as turquoise or quartz. 

If anyone is interested in these dolls, please contact me. I am not sure what should be done with them, but being well-informed about their potential bad luck reported by prior owners and my own experiences, I would hope only someone ready to handle bad mojo would take on their care.

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  1. Defective China made eyes. They all fade.