George Nemeh's "The Dark Side of Opulent" Cast and Crew Viewing

Friday the 22nd, my best friend Julie and I went and to Sun Studios of Arizona - one of my favorite places for film events!

They were having a cast and crew viewing of the first in a trilogy of films, "The Dark Side of Opulent" by George Nemeh who is proving himself as an impressive director and storyteller!

The film was very well cast, lots of action, kicking soundtrack, and George Nemeh showed off his talents as a director. I cannot wait for installments #2 and 3. 

Arizona is a dream for indie filmmaking:

Has every kind of climate and terrain imaginable from the snowy peaks of the north, high desert meadows, low desert sharp-edged purple mountains to old towns, urban cities, charming neighborhoods.

Over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Right-to-work status.

A talented and powerful industry to support the studio and talent needs for filmmaking. 

Actors who are versatile and not overused to the point of being stale.

I work as co chair of Chandler Film Industry group to be certain we not only make quality work, but we also encouraged Arizona filmmaking and working with others in our industry here in our state to be certain filmmakers understand what we have to offer.

I'd also like to say that Sun Studios of Arizona impresses me every time I go to events there. I am hoping to get a tour soon of all the studios and facilities they have there, as well as learn more about their streaming channel "TerrorTV." Expect me to continue to update y'all, as well. 

Kiki's Cupcakes had a table of treats that was off the charts amazing. Whenever I'm at an event and they are there, that's the first place I gravitate towards. It was a sweet tooth wonderland. 

Thanks to all for a wonderful evening! 


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