Zone of Silence: Anomaly or Portal?

Mexico's "Zone of Silence," "Mapimi Silent Zone," or "La Zona del Silencio" is an unusual area in the Chihuahua Region of Mexico that experiences radio silence, but also a good deal of other anomalies, this Google Earth image is an example of how cryptic it truly is.

Coming soon to Ghost Hunting Theories, researcher Dennis Guern will be sharing a great deal of research into the area and what we can glean from one of those "natural" mysteries of our earth and what the government might know about this area.

Many refer to this region as an urban legend built around a biosphere reserve. Skeptics have fought to prove that radio signal disturbances don't exist and locals report UFOs, aliens, strange plant life anomalies, magnetic changes, and much more in the region. 

During a US missile test, an Athena test missile went down in the region with two containers of cobalt 57 (radioactive) on board. The missile and some contaminated soil were carted away supposedly.

Should a biosphere reserve cause Google Earth to be protective of imagery of the area or what else is being hidden by blur?

An upcoming series to GHT by Dennis Guern will be exposing more and more of the secrets of this region.