Unexplained Ancient Walls in America

This ancient stone circles found on a man's property in Virginia are believed to be one of the oldest structure in America. And it is just one of many unexplained stone walls in America. (LINK)

East Bay Walls

This wall is believed to be before the Native People who drove off the first European arrivals to California. Found in the San Francisco Bay area, and are in broken increments for miles. They do not appear to be defensive. Interestingly, many have tried to say that they were built perhaps in the 1800s for livestock, but otherwise most believe them to be rather ancient. (LINK)

Armstrong mountain, WV

This rugged locale has no reputation for mining or reason for such big stone walls to be built, but they ramble on Armstrong Mountain, West Virginia for several miles and the reason may forever be unanswered. (LINK)

Mount Carbon, WV

Stone cairns, prehistoric villages, and the infamous ancient wall of unknown origins grace the Mount Carbon, West Virginia area. The walls were three to ten miles long and about eight to ten feet high. (LINK). Once again, no logical people or reason were designated for this mysterious wall.

The ancient unexplained stone walls can be found in many locations, but their purpose and their builders remain unknown. Was there a culture before the "Native" culture known when Europeans arrived? Well, the Native People themselves have legends of these "earlier" people.

LINK:  (Choctaw) Horatio Bardwell Cushman wrote in his 1899 book “History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians”: “The tradition of the Choctaws . . . told of a race of giants that once inhabited the now State of Tennessee, and with whom their ancestors fought when they arrived in Mississippi in their migration from the west. … Their tradition states the Nahullo (race of giants) was of wonderful stature.”

Who built these walls and why? We may never really know and some archaeologists might like us to believe one theory or another, but it appears the mystery is destined to remain a great American mystery.