Friday, January 4, 2019

Tips for Videotaping Bigfoot

You are not at all likely to glimpse a Bigfoot just walking around in the outdoors, but you have a very good chance of videotaping one that you will see later when you get home and review. Here's my tips for the best way to capture one photographically.

1:18 point of video 
(bottom center right of tree)

Fred Kanney video 
(at 1:17 - 1:18 he steps out from behind tree)

(thank you, James Carroll for spotting this movement)

Here's what happens. They are in the woods. They are watching. They stand very still to become one with the trees. They are good at this. So good that we literally do not see them as we look around.

But, as we turn and pan the camera away to film the woods around us, we allow them time to get the hell outta Dodge. They watch us turn away with the camera and know we and the camera are focused on another part of the woods. 

The videographer had just filmed where they are, but now that he/she turns away with camera, the Bigfoot bolts. 

What we find on video happens after you leave the site because almost always you will not see them while you are there, but when reviewing video after, you will see something out of place, or something move. 

Be sure to pan the area slowly 180-degree turn, zooming in and out. When you get to the 180-degree turn, back to where you started, pause a bit, pan back again to your starting point. In that time, the BF will peek out, dark behind a tree, drop to the ground. You will see the differences in the two views.

If you do find something on video, go back later to that spot and film again to show if it was or was not a tree stump or other. You want your evidence to be confirmed and this is a fine way to show your integrity and desire to get to the bottom of what you filmed.

These are just some tips, but thinking outside the box is helpful when investigating. We often get caught up in filming in the woods and hopefully catching something but the majority of the time, we caught something without knowing it. Up your chances by confusing those who can outsmart us. 
Yes, accept it, they do outsmart us.

Fred Kanney captured these changes on video and it was the wind that caught the BF standing still behind a tree. The fella figured he would remain in place but he could not stop the wind from blowing his hair between one panned shot and the second panning shot.

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