Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Real Life of Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunting. It's sexy, right?

It's about this sexy--15 pounds of Hummer utility vest filled with equipment, even when it's 115 outside and the gig has no air-conditioning.

Oh, it gets sexier. I get to sit in a place and be absolutely quiet for hours on end in the darkness with no toilet.

Sometimes, I wish it were like this -

Me, a utility belt with cool gadgets that actually definitively work to detect a ghost, and some nice pumps....

How about the hours of reviewing audio and video? 

The clients who are hearing voices speaking to them when they are off their meds? 

No, wait, I know--the expression on people's faces when you mention your pass time involves searching for the unknown.

I'm okay with all of this. It's not sexy, though I give it an effort to rock the vest.

Encountering ghosts is the upside. The downside is standing for hours, no running water, spiders, rats, precarious spaces, temperatures that test your coping skills, bad wiring, and hours of still silence.

It's hot, sticky, freezing, uncomfortable, boring as hell, mind numbing, and upon occasion it produces the very thing that I chase--genuine phenomena. 

It's freaking worth it, but sure as hell ain't sexy.

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