Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Interdimensional Beings Captured on Photographs!

Some claim to be able to capture interdimensional beings both in psychic interaction and photography. When we consider the dilemma of understanding a "higher" dimension, we can compare our situation to a 2-dimensional image and it's lack of intelligence, depth or biology, completely unable to see or understand the 3-dimensional world in which it sits. We do not have the senses, understanding, or universal intelligence to see or understand those dimensions.

But, what would happen if someone were able to photograph a higher dimension?

Scientist and inventor, Daniel Nemes claims he has photography technology that can capture images of multidimensional beings.

Engineer, James Carroll, finds it dubious as these faces are shown to be extremely symmetric with human featured faces. Is Nemes only capturing faces and if he's doing this blindly how does he happen to snap off faces so ideally? 

You have to wonder about taking something higher dimensional than our own 3-dimensional existence and trying to reduce it to a 2-dimensional image.

A photograph of you might show the front of you, about a fraction of a second in time, but it loses your depth, your backside, your surroundings, the effects of time, the space you take up, etc. It is rather simplistic but it captures an aspect visually.

Looking at these photos, we have to wonder about these beings and how they would look if this included all their dimensionality

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  1. The third to last looks like the Flatwoods Monster 😱