Elementals, or beings that inhabit nature, are not a new concept. Man has long valued the spirit within trees, the wind, the earth. 

Nature beings were expressed in ancient drawings, Native spiritual beliefs, and Pagan focus. We have long felt a tie to the magical qualities of earth and some believe those magical qualities are sentient beings that are as ancient as our universe.

Do elementals exist? Well that is a big question and as we have yet to prove Bigfoot's existence or ghosts and aliens, I suspect we may not have definitive answers any time soon. 

But, from time to time people bring forth compelling photos of "spirits" in the rock, water, sky, trees, and they make us ponder, "what if?"

Below are some photos of "cave spirits" taken by Don Monroe. Are they spirits? We don't know, but they were disturbing sights. 

It is a long-held belief that all things of the earth have a spirit in them. We consider life to be an animated process, energy in, energy out. But the elements include fire, air, water, and earth. There is a dynamic within all of these that turns them into action. These important aspects to life have been endowed by humanity with personalities and spirits.

An interesting documentary entitled, "Invasion of the Dark Stars" revealed some modern day concepts of elementals in action with the belief that in the right lighting conditions, one can capture the earth spirits on video and photographs.

Are there spirits that are associated with the elements? Well, wind, earth, fire and water all have a dynamic that is part of the intricate aspects of life on earth. They sometimes seem to have minds of their own, motivations we are not privy to. We go about our time here assuming they are props in a play that we star in. Perhaps it is time to give them another look.