Day Off: Gold Panning, Cardboard Mansion, Biplanes, and Bigfoot

Saturday, I rebelled from years of nearly nonstop daily work and then exhausting move, and decided I was making it a me day.

A dear friend brought over a kiddie pool and a 12-pack of beer. The objective was to help me refine my gold panning skills.

Since the move left a lot of cardboard boxes, I built a mansion, complete with its own pool. 

This method of doing it on the patio in a kiddie pool was really nice. I'm keeping one out there for this purpose.

Gold is heavier. Put in the sand sample, add water, shake with it tilted away and the ridges catch the sand and rocks but leave the gold inside. Add more water, shake again. 

As we panned, biplanes went overhead for an air show. We have a lot of those and hot air balloons this time of year in the Phoenix area.

Got a sign and a tall Sasquatch for the house. He's going to be my movie companion.

And, as the day came to a close, my rockhound researching buddy looked to the nearby mountain where gold was mined in the first half of the 1900s and he pondered what is out there in "them thar hills."

Ended the day off with "The Thing" by John Carpenter and popcorn. 

More adventures are coming -