Saturday, December 1, 2018

Two New Possibly Troubled Dolls

Two more dolls that might have issues of unexplained arrived yesterday. One is a Shirley Temple doll (middle) identical to "Haunted Shirley" (far right) and I'm calling her "Green Eyes" and another is a startled-faced bean bag body doll I refer to as "Goo Goo Doll." 

The background on Green Eyes is that she was in a home where a family was having some haunting-type issues. They were preparing to move and she was left in the attic. There were some light anomalies and an object that fell over recorded on Flint Hills Paranormal team's video. 

It was interesting to note that the original red-eyed Haunted Shirley doll was completely sterile of available info to read by psychometry, this green-eyed doll was easy.

The feeling off of Green Eyes was immediately shyness, tentativeness, young female, but also some other background folks. The young female was about 7 years old and had a love-hate relationship with Green Eyes. It seems she pretended to not be interested in her, but then shyly would approach her periodically and engage her in play and then set her aside for long periods again. She also had a younger brother, perhaps 4, who was aggressive toward the doll, not liking her at all. 

There are some other adults associated with her, but what intrigues me is a non-human energy. It is not a bad energy at all, something that feels very fleeting, like snowflakes are. It comes and goes in different forms constantly, giving the doll a kind of a sputtering, intermittent, ever-changing energy. None of it seems to sit still long enough to establish a harbor in her, but it has the potential to at times cluster and collide and that could create some PK issues (psychokinesis). Those bursts could affects electrical or object movement. I will be keeping her in a closed environment with objects around her to see if this occurs.

Why are dolls haunted? Well, I'm not sure they are so much haunted as they are the accumulation of all who have projected human feelings upon them. Lets take the family dog, for example. If the family dog grew up since a puppy with a happy loving and attentive family, that puppy wags its tail, responds to the confidence that setting has created. But, if you take a dog that has grown up in six homes and different types of inattention and abuse and put him in with a loving forever family, it may be hard at first, but over time that dog will trust and wag its daily, but still startle at sounds.

The more occupants a home has, the more chances of a haunting situation and the more people who have dealt with a doll can leave a better chance of influencing its energy.

For more interesting aspects of things such as Feng Shui on an environment, I suggest the book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost Buster" by Anna Maria Prezio.

The smaller doll with the dark hair I am still in the process of learning about its background, but the initial read on it was a toddler with learning delays. The child would become rather violently angry when communication was difficult. It was in a pile with other dolls and only now and then pulled out and dragged around from room to room without much interactive play purpose.

I am hoping to learn more about the dolls but also to study their behavior and their ability to move objects around them. 

The two new dolls don't give me a particularly bad feeling or energy but there is something I can say about both Shirley dolls - they seem to have an energy behind them that lingers in the background and studies. 

That in itself is like a wolf in grandma's clothing....

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