My Para Research Projects for 2019

I have goals for 2019 in the field of research and I'll share them with you here. 

If you've kept a watch on MK Davis's expert stabilization and clarifying of habituation videos, you might have come across "Whitey's Run," "Tall Paul," "Fence Climber," "Shed Talker," and more. This groundbreaking research at a habituation site in Texas in the early 2000s yielded innovative and amazing evidence. The photos, casts, video, audio, and meticulous field notes will be shared this year on GHT in a "Habituation Situation" series. 

Our expert research team, Arizona Paranormal Research, has some studies of unusual sites planned out for the year, as well as release of some EVP evidence that proves one conclusion about haunted sites. It is going to get real interesting! Be sure to read our blog on our website for a LOT more info on hauntings and how it works as well as tons of EVP evidence by our expert, Jim Kelly. 

Haunted Shirley is still an ongoing issue with "throwing" things around her. With her in a new location where I can isolate and observe, I plan to meticulously document her behavior. 

She has been joined by Green Eyes and Brown Eyes - two other Shirley dolls with issues.

Caves. My unending fascination will be expressed in 2019 as I work with a few researchers who are looking for everything from ghosts and ancient giants to unexplained creatures and underground waterways. Whatever they find, it will be shared on GHT. And, who knows? 2019 might find me in a cave again!

I am planning a UFO watching or two during the year. Expect these group efforts out in the dark desert to be quite interesting. 

I've been actively guiding some field researchers doing some pretty interesting ancient giant and hidden waterways underground and more. Expect any results to be immediately shared.

I'm also vlogging fairly regularly now, so look for me to talk face to camera about subjects.

This spring/summer I will be working on some feature films/shorts/documentaries and they are all subjects that fit this blog perfectly so expect to be taken with me on the adventure into filmmaking.

As I don't want to leave a stone unturned on para phenomena, a lot of researchers come to me during the year to share things and I gladly present them to the public for your own interpretations. 

One thing that I have held tight to on Ghost Hunting Theories is that your explanation and my explanation may differ, but given enough evidence, we can come to our own conclusions. If you decide to pursue something of a spiritual nature rather than scientific, you may along the way learn things that widen our knowledge of the universe, even if it doesn't answer the phenomenon. 

I want everyone to pursue their own focus as their techniques can be groundbreaking for us all. 

Oh, and expect a LOT of URBEX photography and video on here as well as vlogs, now that I have a designated quiet area to vlog in, I will be doing more  face to camera talks and sharing on the road in videos. I will also be working on a few feature films of a para nature, so expect the updates on that, as well! 

Happy 2019!