Make Your Own Horror Film Short

I was very privileged recently to act in a short film called "Locked Inside." I have, however, made my own fun horror shorts from time to time on my YouTube Channel. I encourage others to try their hand at a horror or thriller short. 

"The Housesitting Gig" was done in one take and improv. I simply decided I wanted to do something with a person thinking they have a great housesitting gig until they realize the neighboring cemetery extends into the backyard. I had my best friend put on a mask and hooded robe and we were ready to go! 

It is a fun thing to be able to just pop together a simple concept, perhaps one location, one person, some background music. 

This one above "Look What the Storm Brought In" I had a concept for and set up a set for it, but what I was going to say came naturally in one take. I wanted it to look like a woman skyeping with her boyfriend who is away and he seems something behind her.

I utilize Windows Moviemaker free program and it's very simple to navigate. You can use still frames, film, add music, credits and more.

Creepy music can be found online under "royalty free music" and a hint of darkness, some sound effects, and you can make it super creepy. 


Get under a sheet in the dark with a flashlight and have someone pound on the sheet and growl and film yourself scared beneath the sheet. Then, resolve to face whatever it is, yank back the sheet and have something terrifying looking down at you. 

You can get the same feel across with being in bed and hearing something in the closet, click on the lamp (unplugged) and realize the power is out, turn on a flashlight and with shaky hand study the door. Watch the knob turn, hear something shuffling....

However you do it, making a horror film short is not only a creative challenge and outlet, but if you include your kids, you are teaching them to take a concept and make it a reality, as well as showing them the behind the scenes of horror making so it's less scary.

A very talented kid made this horror short and it included his claymation skills. I see big things in his future - 

Clayable TV Channel

Please share what you do!