Horror Movies: Moving-To-A-Town-That-Has-Secrets Theme

I'm all about themed-horror movie marathons. Some days, I put in the "nature turns on man" themed horror movies, another day perhaps the "witches are evil" themed 1970s movies. One of my favorites from the 70s/80s era is the "moving-to-a-town-that-has-secrets" theme. Here are some recommendations for your enjoyment.

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home  A young couple moves to a quaint New England town only to find the villagers partaking in some strange rituals.

The Stepford Wives  A couple moves to a quaint Connecticut town where the women seem like they are from another time, all beautiful, talented, perfect wives.

The Watcher in the Woods  A family rents a home in England, but there is a local secret that might affect the young girls who moved in.

Bay Coven  A young couple move to an island and find the people there are secret witches.

Children of the Corn  A couple manages to get stuck in a farm town where there are no adults and the kids are very creepy.

The People  A woman is hired to teach kids in an isolated rural town, only to find they have unusual abilities.

The Wicker Man  An officer is sent to a pagan island where a little girl went missing.


House of Wax   A group of young adults get stuck in a mock town that is set up to appear real, but is all farce being driven by two psycho twin brothers.


Village of the Damned  A town has children who are not just odd looking, but have odd powers.

Sleepy Hollow  An constable comes to a New England town to see who is killing people, only to find a secret being kept - the ghost of a headless horseman is afoot.