Don Monroe Case Files: Numerous Handprint Casts

I have been honored to go through an enormous amount of handprint casts that Don Monroe has lifted from various cave locations around the Northwest. 

He has been tracking what seem to be "feral people" in caves that are remote. Over time, he sees patterns, some hands being rather unusual and others looking quite human. 

There is no way to prove who made these prints, but studying them has given me some insights. 

The handprints are an interesting capture. Some seem to have very odd proportions, like the last one with 8" fingers and pinkie and thumb same length. Upon further investigation, researcher Dennis Guern realized that this was two hands overlapping in different directions.

The second to the last photo looks like the hand was bandaged or in a very stiff work glove that happened to crease all the way across the fingers in a continuous line.

Some of these have dermal ridges - fingerprints. Some of the lines are odd on the hands and the dermal ridges on a few are very odd. 

The area in which these were obtained is now closed by the government. We are not sure if they are aware of a potential feral people there or there is some safety risk, but we may never know what happened to these individuals. 

I expect to be going over a lot of other casts in detail after the holidays and when I do, it will all be archived here on GHT.