Saturday, December 15, 2018

Does a Psychic Have a Psychic?

Does a psychic use a psychic? Yup. I often run into the same issue other psychics do, if I am too close to a person, I find my reads can be inaccurate because I think I know the person and I doubt what I find out. There is no more personal relationship than with oneself, so I find getting a bead on my own path is too up close and personal. It's not easy to impress me with skills, but I found someone that I trust implicitly, whose path is very humanitarian and open, and whose skills give me goosebumps.

My personal psychic is Willie "Windwalker" Gibson has been my psychic for some time now and his readings are astonishing. It's as if he can tune his frequency to me and know just what is occurring, often with rather shocking accuracy! 

He can do many kinds of readings and is also a healer/shaman, so if you're wondering about 2019 and what it holds, I highly suggest you contact him. (Willie "Windwalker" Gibson)

Consider this my gift to y'all. 

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