Saturday, December 29, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: G'bye 2018!

As organized humans, we tend to think in terms of calendars and clocks; past, present and future. I see it as a fluid thing. You don't have New Year do-overs, you simple have New Year - change of focus. You decide to focus on an arena you might have neglected. 

At the end of 2018, I gained so much experience and wisdom and hard knocks and victories that I am not even sure what to say when I greet 2019. But, here's what I might tell it - 

"Hello 2019. You can't possibly give me more hurdles than 2018, but you can give me more rewards. All the hard work was laid out last year and this year is going to be reaping the harvest of what I've sacrificed, built, initiated, and sweat over. I own you, 2019, bought and paid for in 2018. You will go down in my history as the year of good karmic repayment."

Now that I know I own 2019 instead of 2018, a year that owned me, I can move forward with confidence. It's not about that 20 pounds in one month or awesome romance by Valentine's Day. It's about knowing that it's my time and that confidence alone will make it so.

Move forward with confidence into 2019. It has a lot of prove to you, not you to it. 

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