Best Gifts For Paranormal Geeks!

Paranormal geeks are not just ghost lovers and into woo woo and high strangeness. We are also lovers of history and ancient mysteries, cryptids and psychic skills. Everything unanswered is our calling. Here's some great unusual gifts for your para geek - 

(I have these slippers above and I love them)

Original Jonny Quest Series

Lego Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

Ouija Necklace 

One of the best of the nonfiction cryptid/para books!

Equipment vest (I have one and love it!) 

Travel telescope 

FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS (Gen 3)

Bigfoot Cast

VASTFIRE Focusable Infrared Flashlight IR Light Thermal Hog Hunt Fox Rat Night Vision Hunting NOT Regular Flashlight BUT Infrared Illuminator

Ghost cookie cutters

Alien holographic lamp light

Life-sized Tesla Cardboard Figure 

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken movie

Lego Space UFO Alien Abduction Set

Kid's Snow Shoes (Yeti tracks)

Trail cam for Bigfoot research