Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Foray Into Film Industry

Life takes the strangest twists and turns. And then you survey the paths and realize that they branch from the same tree. In fact, there is a saying that there are no obstacles in your path, the obstacles ARE the path. So very true! 

As a wee tot, I dreamed of being in a movie, being involved in the technicals of the industry, making the "pretend" play I did as a child, something visual, real and lasting. It just took me a few decades to get there.

I shelved the child dreams and moved on with adulthood and all of its responsibilities and supposed "obstacles." 

Then, one day when I got pulled into a possible film project, I decided to join a group locally for film industry, Chandler Film Industry. And we talked immediately about putting together a short film and some features, a documentary, and promoting filming in Arizona, making Chandler Arizona into an indie film capital. And, to my shock and surprise, in a couple months, we we were on the location filming a short and I was asked to play the female in a two-person cast. 

I never saw myself as being actress material, but I have always seen myself as someone who rises to any task I'm given. So, I leaped in with both feet. 

Without giving away details of this film short, I can say it is a suspense thriller variety, and having been deep into the filming of it, it is work I am exceedingly proud to be associated with. 

As soon as I put on my wardrobe and went onto the set for an 17-hour day, I learned to appreciate my heroes, the geeks who do sound, directing photography, key grips, lighting, and the production assistants who scamper around to help rig everything into place just right. The talent cannot ever be taken for granted either, as they take direction, many takes trying to get just what the DP and director want to see on playback. They are on-call to be there to shoot whatever needs to be done, sometimes physically challenging work. 

What I've learned from film industry thus far is that the ones who dare to make a film are faced with more obstacles than a band of Vikings on foreign land, yet they seek their goal with such passion that those "obstacles" are really THE path. 

I promise to keep everyone informed as we move along with the release of this short that will be entered into film festivals with the potential of a feature length film. I will soon be posted on my IMDB page

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