Saturday, November 3, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: What Am I Up To Now?

I haven't done a "what's that wacky redhead up to now" posts in a while. So, let's get an update on the projects on the table. 


I am continuing the study of the Haunted Shirley doll (tab at the top of the blog). There are some other Shirley dolls with serious issues that are similar as far as object movement and eye color change. I might be acquiring one of these for study. In some ways, this case sounds like a good documentary piece. We will see where it goes.

Our team, Arizona Paranormal Research, is plotting out some interesting treks to some haunted locations and I would also like to add other paranormal to our research including UFOs and Bigfoot (not that BF is paranormal, but they are an unsolved mystery).

I am also working with many different researchers on ongoing projects involving ancient giants, ancient mysteries, Bigfoot, and more. The minute those are ready to go public, I will share. I always do.

As well, the Habituation Situation series will begin with the new year. This is an early 2000s habituation site research that includes the field notes, photographs, audio and video that was so groundbreaking that it is worthy of archiving. 

Film Industry

Because it looked like I might be involved in some upcoming film work, I thought I'd join a film industry group locally that promotes filming in Arizona. I did and I also was proud to become a co chair.

Right away, we began working on a short film to be filmed next weekend. I will be playing the female lead part. It was not my intention to be an actress, but it appeared I was right for the role. 

I am excited to be working on a few upcoming feature films in various ways and mean to share all that on the blog. 


My work is in the oil and gas industry equipment and rig brokering. I am madly in love with the industry as it is fast-paced, every-changing and built on some of the hardest working engineers and technicians on the earth. Without their physically and mentally exhaustive long hours around the clock, we would not get planes to locations, goods to stores, you to work, and more. I am always very proud to be work in this arena.

As well, I am working toward getting some disruptive technologies to the public, ones that can change the lives of many people and affect the economy. Anything I can do to facilitate this is my personal heaven. 


There are always trips and urban exploration on my horizon. Some of the places my best friend and I have knocked around include Roswell, NM; Salton Sea, California; The western Arizona part of Route 66; Virginia City, Nevada, and many places around the country we would love to do some investigating and photographing. As always, it will be shared on here. 

Suffice to say, my life is always quite busy and the dynamics are forever changing, but the key thing is that I share the trek to inspire and make people curious about the world we live in. 

And, expect me to continue promoting my readers to research and go out in the field. The real learning happens when you study it and touch it and interact with it. 

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