Blog Entry Saturday: Scandinavian American Christmas

I grew up with a father who was Norwegian. In fact, his father changed their last name in 1928 after coming to America so that they would have an American name, thus I am Day and not Thorvaldsen. He was determined we had smorgasbord on Christmas Eve, opening the gifts that night. The only gifts on Christmas morn were Santa's gifts unwrapped. I love the look, feel and traditions of Scandinavian Christmas. Some of my grandmother's Swedish rituals and items were added to the mix. Let's have a look - 

Pepperkakar (RECIPE)

A rice pudding called risgrot (RECIPE) holds a hidden almond and the person who gets it in their pudding wins a marzipan pig. 

There are many interesting foods involved in a smorgasbord from fish to ham, breads to hard cheeses, pickled items, and more. What I love so much about the ritual is bringing people together to try new things in a candelit holiday atmosphere. 

God Jul