Saturday, November 10, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Photographing Winter Cemeteries

Cemeteries are thoughtful, respectful, and solemn memorials to all the lovely lives that have inhabited this planet at various points in time. There is no better time to photograph such a quiet and still location as the cold and barren wintertime. Here's some tips - 

SNOW:  This is a great setting for the stillness of a cemetery. It also creates a natural black and white palette.

TREES: The trees are bare and spindly, like skeletons with arms stretched out.

CHRISTMAS DECOR: This adds a certain melancholy and perspective to yet another holiday without one's loved one. 

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LEAVES:  The shed leaves are like the trees' tears drooped upon the graves. There is something very sullen and dreary about this disarray.

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It's easy to attend a cemetery in the spring or summer when it's green and attended to with a fresh cutting, live flowers, and birds and butterflies. Visiting a grave in a more appropriate time of the year, when it is still, stark, and cold is an honest way to feel it the unwelcoming phase of grief. Try and capture that with the lens. 

Consider leaving a handmade suet birdfeeder atop the grave instead of flowers. INSTRUCTIONS 

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