Friday, October 12, 2018

UFO Crash in the Grand Canyon?

I thought I'd put this out there... I went looking on Google Earth in the Grand Canyon for one thing, but my eyes noticed something strange. If that's a rock, it doesn't belong there.

It looks like it clipped the hillside and then crashed and slid. I am reminded of another interesting find in the Baltic Sea- 

If I zoom in on the Grand Canyon find - 

You can tell by the terrain around it, that this thing is very strange for that area, not matching any landmark features.

These images were from 2017. So, I went back in the archives to find the oldest imagery which was 1992 (26 years ago)

... and there it is, nothing has changed.

I always share research info so others can go searching and learn more or add more to the conversation. Here's the coordinates. Any feedback/input is welcome! 

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