Tornado Brothers Trading Company: Anti-Sprawl Decor

As I get closer to doing up my own home down the road here, I am considering my surroundings as an expression of not just my taste, but my retreat from the intrusive and overstimulating world.

I came across a great home decor company that I want to promote on here because when I find anything in the realm of the arts that impresses me, I'm a happy camper. 

This time, I came across Tornado Brothers Trading Co.  I'm keeping my eye on their furniture and decor and will be hitting them up big time when I secure the title on the home. 

Here's just some of the reasons why they caught my eye - 

It dawned on me that a home should be a bit like a resort stay and a good deal soothing. The world outside is noisy, crowded, dirty, and everywhere you go - roadside signs and ads. 

When I get home, I want to quiet my senses, seek comfort, simplicity, order.... 


Part of me likes rustic charm, and a great part of me likes simple organized Scandinavian design. I've shopped Ikea before when I furnished my first single girl flat and I have gotten rid of every stick of it in 8 years because it was utter junk. 

Tornado Brothers Trading Company, however, offers me those clean lines with furniture that will become my stylish heirlooms over time.

When I discovered Tornado Brothers Trading Company online, I think I found some folks who get the anti-sprawl movement. 

People want to come inside, away from signs, billboards, streetlights, clutter, smells, loud sounds, and be visually soothed and physically embraced. 

The very simplicity of Tornado Brothers furnishings are what I would call a fine example of the anti-sprawl movement.

I always promise to bring things to my readers that I think suits living the lifestyle of simplicity and self expression. When I see unique and creative solutions, I'll be sharing them.

Give the Tornado Brothers a look-see -