Psychomanteum: Theater of the Dead

Psychomanteum is a kind of "theater for the dead" in which one tries to scry the image of a departed person in a mirror.

The concept has been around for thousands of years, but it has been brought back to popular study by Raymond Moody, made famous by his studies of life after life (near-death experiences).

You sit in a dark room with a mirror, perhaps propped on a table or mantle, reflecting nothing but the void. You light a candle for a soft light behind you and you stare up into the mirror. Some believe you need to spend some time beforehand to concentrate on a love done that has passed or concentrating on wanting to make a communication. 

At the end of one of my psychomanteum encounters, I lit some incense on the counter in front of the mirror and asked my dear friend who had passed on (he requested before death that I try to contact him), to show himself in the smoke.

I gasped as my eyes caught this image shaping and I took a photo to compare it with him.

Later it dawned on me that there was a face above looking down that looked like John. The face below looked like the Halloween prop he was making when he passed on. 

Check out this video to learn more - 

Life After Life