Must-Read Bigfoot Blog

I highly recommend Monstrum Venandi as a great read concerning ongoing research of Bigfoot in Mississippi. The author/researcher Marcus Ellis is a researcher I greatly respect. The team he is a part of, MBEST, is performing important research. 

Here's a sample of his latest post on the blog - 

Signs in the Woods
Recently I accompanied Doug and Karen Randle to our MBEST or Mississippi Bigfoot Evidence Search Team research area known as Site 3 to investigate recent activity there. Here are my photos of what we found: Two completely different tree limbs shoved into the ground! The first one was shoved big thick end into the earth and the second with its smaller more pointed end crammed into the ground. Please note that this was investigated very thoroughly, in that, these limbs were not items that fell from above and embedded themselves in the ground. There were no trees available for them to have come from above. There were no dig marks are scratches in the soil to indicate a shovel or post hole digger being used. It was very apparent they came from elsewhere and deliberately placed that way. Here is the first limb that had about a 6 to 7 inch base that was put in the ground with the smaller end up in the air.