Saturday, October 6, 2018

Larry Kirchner: Halloween Horror Master

There are Halloween and horror artisans and then there are INDUSTRIES OF HALLOWEEN TALENT. I put artists like Ray Villafane and Pumpkinrot into that category, along with the head of a mega industry of awesome creations - Larry Kirchner.

As president of Halloween Productions, Inc. (HPI) Larry has been designing, fabricating, and installing custom attractions worldwide for 29 years. HPI has built attractions all over the world of all kinds including haunted houses, 3D attractions, blacklight attractions, museums, laser tags, interactive dark rides, and more. Larry has built multi motion interactive dark rides to haunted houses, to believe it or not real aquariums with sharks, mirror mazes, laser tag arena's and worked for every type of company one can imagine from major amusement parks to family fun centers from Hawaii to Denmark and back again. He has been all over the world, built every single type of attraction, designed things that no one has ever built, from special effects, to animations, to custom attractions.

His other sites 
Hauntworld (owner/operator)
The Darkness (operator)

As a Halloween fanatic, I might have a wee crush on one of the greatest Halloween minds out there....

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