Junior Paranormal Investigator

My childhood para studies sparked my fate -

As a kid, I saw the Patterson film and proceeded to take my brother's football helmet, put on several pairs of pants and coats, oven mitts, and go into the forests around our estate in search of Bigfoot (I was afraid the "ape" would bite).

I took my dad's recorder and sat on the stairs, recording the nightly booted walker up the stairs.

I set up a huge chalkboard in the barn where I drew the outline of my county. I went from mailbox to mailbox leaving notes asking if anyone had seen any UFOs. Surprisingly, they returned notes to my mailbox, three of them! I put them on the board to mark the locations of the sightings.

Even back then - I needed to pursue the unexplained fearlessly and with an open mind to figure out how it all worked alongside us all this time.

There were so many influences in that time period such as "Kolchak: The Night Stalker," "In Search Of," "Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World," "Casper the Friendly Ghost," "Scooby Doo Where Are You?", "The Legend of Boggy Creek," and many more.

I had this crazy dream of being like Charlie's Angels but uncovering paranormal mysteries. This rich guy would hire me and my friends and we'd go get evidence of the unexplained.

And, in that odd way that your path makes sense, here I am today running a top paranormal blog, researching mysteries, and writing a paranormal romance series of books based on a rich guy hiring a team of childhood friends to uncover proof of the paranormal. 

Book one - Ghost of a Chance 





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