Sunday, October 14, 2018

Haunted Shirley: Study Starts

Our team, Arizona Paranormal Research, decided to approach the Haunted Shirley issue and begin to document if she is something to be feared or a force of nature. 

The eyes still fascinate. They are slightly different intensities of red/orange/pink. One is slightly lighter. Still, given her hair, makeup, and clothing, there are no signs of possible sunlight fading at all.

At first, moving meters around her, they were going bonkers. We started to note a pattern with the meters being at her feet area. We moved her. We moved the meters. We performed a thorough EVP session. 

The meters eventually went very quiet for a time and then started up full force again. 

We tested interference from the air-conditioner, cell towers, router, all electrical in the room, and found nothing to be causing the crazy lighting up that was occurring. 

The strongest reactions occurred when I removed her shoes and we messed with her feet that seemed to be a source of some kind of electrical interference.

We are awaiting review of the EVP session review and I will be bringing that to the blog as well as the team's site APR.

I left her on her cart as usual and then laid down a magnifying glass, flashlight and magic marker on the table beside her. I put her shoes and socks on her lap. This morning the marker and a sock were on the floor - 

She is a very kinetic type of object. I'm most interested to see if somewhere in the EVP session, we got a confession of her name and her purpose. 

Is Haunted Shirley haunted? I cannot say. Is she disruptive? Most definitely! 

Above - how her eyes should look from the factory.

Above - her eyes

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