Sunday, October 21, 2018

Haunted Shirley: She's Not Alone!

After the Haunted Shirley study last Saturday night, she dropped a marker from the table beside her and a sock from her lap. It seemed pretty quiet and then on Tuesday night....

I woke up during the night speaking a fluent language I do not know. I sat up, still speaking it a bit and shocked how this fluid language came from me. When I was done saying whatever it was, a man's voice sounded from the corner of the room where Shirley sits. He said a word three times, a foreign word. I ran the word through my head, even said it outloud with his accent, determined to recall it in the morning and thinking there was no way I would forget that word.

Then, I woke up and forgot the word. 

I got word from Flint Hills Paranormal that another woman has three Shirley dolls, same kind. One of them has eyes that changed to orange and they are associated with scary stuff. I am awaiting more word on this and hopefully get to talk extensively with the woman so we can compare Shirley notes. 

There is yet another woman who says her doll still has green eyes, but it has caused objects to move and much stress, so she is sending it off. I hope to become in possession of it to do more testing to compare with the other Shirley I have and see how they react together. 

More to come

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