Halloween Horror Cakes

Inspired cakes - 

When designing your horror cake, you obviously need to consider the theme first. Should anything you make have to do with body parts or zombies, consider utilizing red velvet cake mix and perhaps even a raspberry sauce filling.


My favorite cake I ever made was an alien autopsy cake. Unfortunately, a party crasher stole my camera and pictures of it, but I will share how I made it.

Mix two red velvet cake mix boxes. Now, fill an 8 or 9 inch round cake pan that is prepared with batter only to about the 1/2 height - it will rise. Now, fill a large sheet prepared pan with batter.

When the cake is done cooking and fully cooled and inverted upside down, cut the sheet cake in half. One half becomes the body. The other half, you cut into 4 limbs - 2 arms/2 legs.

Take dental floss and slice the round cake in half to make 2 layers. Now, gently do it with all the other pieces.

Add green food coloring to vanilla instant pudding that is set. Spread this on the layers and spread gummy worms on it. Place the top layer atop it.

On a large piece of cardboard, wrap butcher paper or tin foil over it. Lay the legs out, then the rectangle body, the arms and then the round head.

Mix several cans of vanilla frosting with a couple drops of all 3 food colors (yellow, red, blue) to make it a light gray. Spread the cake with it. Then, take a small amount of the frosting and add more of the 3 colors to blacken it and make the large eyes, two dots for nostrils and slit mouth.

When serving the cake, make the server wear a surgical mask and use a scalpel.