Ghost Cocktail and Ghost Craft

It's that time of the year! I'm going to share some holiday ghostie fun!

Ghost cocktail: 2 parts vodka, 1 part heavy cream, 1 part vanilla simple syrup - shake with ice and strain. Add 2 parts club soda. Take marshmallows and mix green, red and blue food coloring and dip a toothpick into it and make faces on the marshmallows and float. (I used mini marshmallows and flattened them with my thumb)

Cheesecloth ghosts: cheesecloth, drinking glasses, balloons, black paint, elmer's glue, plastic spoons. 

Put just a puff of breath into a round balloon so it's no bigger than the size of your fist. Tie it off. Set it on top of an empty drinking glass or wine glass. Cover with saran wrap. Dip cheesecloth into a mix of Elmer's glue and water and lightly wring out. Drape it over the balloon/glass. Remember that the ghost when it hardens in a few hours will stand on the hem, so spread the hem around it to make a nice base. If you want to make arms, like the one ghost above, stick a plastic spoon handle into the glass under the balloon and drape fabric over it.

In a few hours when it's firmly dry, paint on the eyes and mouth. 

Happy Halloween!