Entrances to Hell

Caves and entrances to Hell, they seem to be inextricably connected. Hell Cave (Jama Pekel) in Slovenia is one such supposed entrance to the underworld. Many locations have been called the entrance to Hell. Let's check some out - 

Stull Cemetery, Kansas
"Gateway to Hell"

Legends say the devil shows up on the spring equinox and Halloween at the cemetery. It is also said that those who died by murder would rise again. The legends went off in different directions to include the area being settled long ago by people who practiced witchcraft. 


Tunguska, Russia"The Devil's Cemetery"

The area known for the early 1900s meteor explosion, Tunguska, has developed another reputation. It is said that animals die there but do not rot, that those who wander onto the land go missing, that compasses don't work, and people become ill. Some locations are cursed by their very history and appearance. It has come to be known as the Devil's Cemetery.

York, Pennsylvania
"Seven Gates of Hell" 

Like a lot of legends, this one has a few renditions. One rendition exists that a lunatic asylum burned down. It was said many died and ones who escaped were beaten to death. 

The other legends involved an eccentric doctor who reported built 7 gates in the woods. One gate is said to be seen in daytime, but six more are seen at night. They say no one has passed the fifth gate and if they did, they would go straight to hell. 

Clifton, New Jersey
"Gates of Hell"

It was said gang members took people they were going to kill down there and left their bodies as proof they were murdered.


Derweze, Turkmenistan
"Door To Hell" 

This natural gas field collapsed in 1971, leaving a crevice that is 226 feet x 98 feet in size. Authorities opted to set it afire and it has remained lit since. 

Lubbock, Texas
"Hell's Gate"

This location behind the Lubbock Cemetery, got a reputation of people seeing shadowy figures and hearing spooky voices. It feels weird and smells weird and after dark, it is said to be horrifying.

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