Don Monroe Case Files: The Bandaged Cave Hand

Back to the Massey Man Cave incident and the ensuing handprints gathered from there in the early 2000s, Don presented me with one hand cast that caught my attention. There was something odd about it. Besides being large, it had what looked like bandaging wrapped around it.

BTW, I am 5'8" tall, so not a delicate woman. This size reference (below) shows someone a good deal larger than myself. 

Pardon my hand gesture, but this middle finger compared to mine - with our joints lined up, is quite large. I found the middle finger's first joint crease at the tip of the finger was 1-1/2" for him and 1" for me. 

Although this is an awkward one to photograph, from the tip of my middle finger to the edge of my palm, it's 7 inches. For him, 8 inches.

I am around 3-1/2 inches for palm width under the fingers.

This fella is at 5 inches across for his palm width under the fingers.

I could almost believe this was a gloved hand, except that "stripe" across the lower fingers shows something cutting across all fingers, telling me it's a bandage of some sort.

I expect to explore and reexplore some of these cast findings from the cave. So far, of the more than a dozen hands Don has let me review, I don't see two of the same people, unless the conditions in which they were captured varied. Some were done in snow and fresh and others in the cave dirt. 

There was another cast sent from the same cave. It may or may not be the bandaged hand with less quality to its capture.