Blog Entry Saturday: Halloween Selfies

There is no better way to usher in the season than to take some Halloween and horror-themed selfies. I have stored away dozens of them over the years as I try new challenges to become a character. Let me give some tips and tricks - 

Lion makeup was simple with an eyeliner pencil, some foundation (put it on my lips too) and eyeshadow. I hinted it at it without being too cartoonish. 

Frankenstein's Bride had to have stitches created first with a black eyeliner pencil and hen some shadows in purple and red. Overdone red lips and vacant stare, pale bloodless coloring, and you have a bride for the man who has everything (or "everyone").

This photo, above, I wanted to recreate the Victorian Era post mortem photographs taken of people after death. The key was holding face expressionless and eyes staring slightly off camera lens so they don't look conscious. I put a satin sheet on a pillow behind my head to get the coffin fabric look. Then, I removed color from the photo. 

For this ghost above, I mixed white clown makeup with regular foundation and put it on. Some gray eyeshadow around the eyes and some blue on the lips. I put a piece of cheesecloth over my head and could pull it down in front of my face.

This was a surprisingly fun one to do - a cemetery statue. The key was pale foundation very thick and all over brows, lips, everything so it's all colorless, drape a same-colored fabric over head to cover hair. 

This one was pretty simple - in a dim room or twilight outside, move back and forth really fast while clicking off shots. The shutter opens long enough to capture blurry movement. 

Fake teeth, some brown eyebrow pencil dots on your face, a mason jar, and pigtails. This one is all in the attitude. 

Grease paint, black eyeliner pencil, cheesecloth

Cheesecloth ghost