Saturday, October 27, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Dream Halloween Locations

With Halloween looming just days away, I am pondering the dream locations to spend a Halloween. I'm sharing mine - 

An abandoned castle with only candles to light the way

This one sounds like an utter dream. I could see climbing the grand staircases, navigating winding hallways, looking for a window to view the night, the candle reflecting off the windowpanes and showing my stark white face. Was that a footfall? Oops, the candle blew out! 

A very old cemetery with no lights

The truly ancient cemeteries with enormous headstones, obelisks, and statues with lichens and moss would provide a vaguely patchy light between the trees. Sitting there, on the soft chilly grass, the crumble of dried leaves caught in the wind would begin to sound like footfalls. Squinting to see into the abyss, a shadow would move from one headstone to another, an open gate would scream on its hinges as the breeze moves it. Or was it the breeze? 

A notoriously haunted building all alone

Sitting still, listening. What is that scratching sound? The light slanting in the window begins to fade into blackness. The musty smell, the creaking wood, the shuffle of claws inside an open cabinet... Your eyes adjusting to the darkness until you can make out shapes. Is that a person standing there or a hatrack you hadnt notice? Please, let it be a hatrack.

A lonely forest cabin in a thunderstorm 

The forest flashes with lightning, the cabin shudders from thunder. The windows are awash in rain rivulets making oddly lightning-like patterns on the panes. The tin roof pings with the sound of rainfall. The cabin lights up for a brief second and goes dark, the blue light nearly blinding you. Peering out the window, a lightning flash illuminates a small tree. Or was that a small tree? It looked like arms, legs and a head, but way too tall! Little do you know, red glowing eyes are watching you from edge of the thicket, daring to come closer and peer in your window.

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