Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Volcanic Activity and Paranormal Hot Spots

Volcanic areas where the earth lets off her pressure and provides hot magma, we end up with amazing soil. Life-giving soil.

From earth's spermia, we have life.

Interestingly, the unusually-actively areas in the world - ancient civilizations, haunted locations, portal features, seem to come from earth's pressure valves.

Can the same energy that brings life also bring other forms of life?

How paranormally fertile are volcanoes?

I've been pondering this one much.

Let's have a look at some of these infamous locations and the correlation with "high strangeness." 

Mt. Shasta

Approximately every 800 years for 10,000 years, Mt. Shasta in California has erupted, but the last 4500 years it has erupted on average every 600 years. Don't worry, it's been about 200 years since a significant eruption occurred.

If there was a single most mystical place in America, it might be Mt. Shasta, beating out Sedona, Arizona. It is said to be the entrance to Hollow Earth, a place said to exist within the earth's crust where an advanced and idyllic civilization resides.

Mt. Shasta is a major Bigfoot sighting area, but others have reported the wee folk and other beings such as aliens. It is a real UFO magnet, as well.

Mt. Fuji

UFO sightings are common over Mt. Fuji. A simple search on YouTube yields lots of video.

Aokigahara Forest on Mt. Fuji has a reputation for being easy to get lost in the dense thicket, but also it has a deadly reputation of attracting those who want to take their lives. Also referred to as the "Suicide Forest," Aokigahara Forest is said to be haunted by the spirits of hundreds of people a year who go there to die.

An area on Mt. Fuji is referred to as the "Five Lakes." They are also the focus of local sightings of a "sea creature" referred to as "Mossie." This beast is said to be up to 30 meters long, a bumpy back and sometimes a dorsal fin is seen. 

Mt. Etna

On the east coast of Sicily in Italy, Mt. Edna has had regular eruptions throughout time. 

This volcano is known for a LOT of UFO activity including beams of light and a green UFO seen entering it.

In Greek Mythology, the deadly monster Typhon was trapped under this mountain by Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder and king of gods, and the forges of Hephaestus were said to also be located underneath it. (Wikipedia)  Interestingly, Typhon was described as a huge winged monster and the father of all monsters. 

In 1962, hiking a narrow trail along Mt. Etna, a man encountered by two strange beings that glowed wearing flight suits. Supposedly the beings told the man to give important messages to the leaders.

Mt. Popocatepeti

Mt. Popocatepeti is located in Central Mexico and is Mexico's most active volcano. It is also the seat of high strangeness, as well. Regularly UFOs are seen, videotaped and photographed around it.  A cigar-shaped object resembling a craft was seen ejecting from the volcano and others have witnessed and filmed odd beams of light. 

A rescue team on the mountain witnessed and photographed over 8-foot tall Bigfoot-like beings propelling themselves easily and fast up the mountain. 


Why might we consider that the constant seismic activity, the movement of large bodies of rock, the metallic slag involved in volcanoes could create a plethora of paranormal activity. 

Dynamics, energy, geomagnetics, and all that are involved in such locations surely create the conditions that could energize, feed, or inspire activity that relies on earth-produced energy to perform. 

LINK: Volcanic ash contains very high concentrations of minerals, and when mixed with soils, nutrients such as phosphates, nitrates, potassium and calcium (among others) which are needed for the healthy growth of plants.

The next question would be - do minerals or acidic soil somehow attract the unexplained? Well, if a feral people were in search of the best plant life either for diet or because it attracts animals that they wish to consume, then in that way the soil could bring Bigfoot to its regions. If the very primordial life-giving aspects of earth's new soil, new growth are of interest to aliens, then the parts of the earth that reflect the planets earliest years might be especially interesting so far as terra-forming might be concerned or collection of minerals. These are only some of a myriad of explanations possible.

I hope to continue probing into volcanoes and paranormal events. The ties seem very strong.

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