Friday, September 7, 2018

Route 66 Para Trek

I am pleased to announce that my best friend and co-researcher Julie and I are leaving today for an historic Route 66 trek in Arizona. Although the interstate is now called I-40, it has lots of mid century nostalgia, abandoned buildings, huge geological wonders, haunted locations, Bigfoot, skinwalkers, UFOs and strange lights. We hope to encounter much of this along the way.

Our first night, we are staying in the most haunted room in a haunted hotel in Flagstaff called the Hotel Monte Vista.

We are going to be seeing and photographing a lot of abandoned buildings, ghost towns, Meteor Crater, petrified forest, painted desert, locations of a cursed town, a massacre, ghost and skinwalker sightings, Bigfoot territory, UFO hot spots, and quirky and unusual places. 

Expect a full report on what this trek is like and what we encounter. 

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