Review: The Spookiest Campfire Stories

As a disclaimer, I never review books anymore because my life is so hectic and I am also trying to get a recent manuscript in to my publisher. But, I was sent an offer to get a free copy of this book, The Spookiest Campfire Stories by S.E. Schlosser, illustration work by Paul G. Hoffman and I could not resist taking them up on the offer!

I am a campfire tales kind of gal and I promote the concept for my readers often. Having said that, I could not wait to open this book and drink it all in with a campfire crackling nearby (in my mind).

Three things jumped out at me right away and sucked me right in.

1.  The use of traditional scary subjects that have the feel of urban legends and terrifying tales of yesteryear. Jack O'Lantern, Don't Turn on the Light, Get Out!, Bloody Mary, Wendigo.... There were tons of great subjects that made me want to read them and feel that icy tingle I had as a kid when I read things like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

2.  The illustrations are a beautiful folk art sort of style that makes the book have a genuine character to it. Hoffman did a fantastic job on this! 

3.  S.E. Schlosser has a style that is full of sensory adjectives, appropriate tension and pacing, and the stories are short enough to not overwhelm in one sitting. Any one of these stories could be made into a short film and stand alone.

As we get into campfire and spooky story season now, I highly recommend this book a standard on your shelf for every late summer/autumn when you are in the mood to read a story out loud to a group of eager children or around a campfire, in front of a fireplace, or if you dare - in bed before sleep!

These truly are the tagline - "forty frightening tales told by the firelight."