Monday, September 3, 2018

Haunted Shirley Update: Psychokinesis Action

I haven't been talking about Shirley, but I've been silently observing things. I even took the doll to bed one night and had a great sleep and dreams. But, I sort of established a wall around me when regarding anything with residual energies to it. I laid down the law for me personally and with those boundaries set, it seems that if the doll is "haunted" she is working with what she can which is object movement.

I haven't had any personal tragedy since her arrival. I think a great deal of these things react to what you believe they are capable or any weakness in you that fears it. If you are pious about your own boundaries and do not believe it can affect you, you have a fairly neutral experience.

That is not to say, however, that there isn't something interesting afoot.

Haunted Shirley is in a place in my room where things are constantly falling down and I'm stubbing my toes. 

Now, mind you it's not more crowded there than any other part of the room, but I am continually having to pick up hair pins (inside an open case) and writing pens (inside a cup). 

About 3 in the morning this morning, I heard a plink and turned on the light to find the computer sound-canceling headset I use for Skype was on the floor. That's rather odd, as it was behind her on the cart.

I've easily stubbed my toes three times in the past two days in that area and it doesn't even having stuff sticking out like the rest of the room. 

I'm not saying it's all her, but... it feels "odd" like when I'm around PK incidents and poltergeist activity. 

Periodically I am checking her with the KII meter. Sometimes, it runs up and down for a while before it will settle, but mostly it gets back to baseline.

The plans are to get her to an sound expert later in the month to run a series of experiments. Expect me to report back and to report any other incidents here.

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