Haunted Shirley: Something In Her Pupil

Tonight I was photographing Haunted Shirley's eyes. The weird coloration has me stumped. Nothing about her clothes, makeup or hair is faded in the least and yet these eyes that should be green....

I took a zoom on one eye and looked and the pic and saw something so I zoomed it a bit more to see better - 

I am seeing a face in the bottom half of the pupil, a gaunt old man's face perhaps, peering out as if he's trapped within. 

Hoping this is just pareidolia - seeing faces in shapes. 

I did get a chill when I realized the face seemed to have a white handlebar mustache. A very dear ghost hunting friend of mine who did protections and cleansings, and the like, was always concerned about my protection. He died in January and was a very close friend. I am looking at his pic and wondering... what if he is protecting me and that's why I've not come to harm? 

When we do the formal experiments on the 21st, I plan to do a little EVP for him....