Haunted Shirley: Psychokinetic Powerhouse

I decided to experiment. I know that things around Haunted Shirley keep moving, but I wanted to know if something interacted with her, how would she react. What I discovered baffled me - 

I set her up with a doll head on her lap. It's a porcelain one, not super lightweight. 

The next morning, I woke up and forgot all about the set up. I went out and made coffee, got cereal, came back and answered some communications. When I got up to go over and plug in my laptop near her, I looked over to see something that confused me. I went back to my cell phone to be sure where the head the prior night. I wanted to know if it moved, so I put the head centered. That morning, however, it was not centered.

I tried moving the head around on her lap and did not find it particularly easy at all. I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think I might try some more experiments with putting objects on and around her. 

To make it even stranger, I came into the room where she is and looked over at the cart she sits on and didn't see her at all. The cart surface was empty. I looked around the room, wondering if I had moved her and didn't remember. When I looked back, she was on the cart. This is the second time she has disappeared/reappeared. The last time she did this was at the luncheon where she didn't show up on the cell phone's camera the first time. 

The mystery of this fire-starting, disappearing, sickness-making, item throwing doll continues.