Thursday, September 13, 2018

Haunted Shirley: Message From the Grave

I was preparing to leave on the Route 66 trek with my best friend when she messaged me that an accident caused a huge dent in her jeep. Once I knew she was okay, I wondered how in the world the day before we were taking off, this happened. Luckily, the insurance company gave us a rental jeep. It seemed as if we were leaving without a hitch. That is, until we reached Winslow, Arizona.

In my prior post, I mentioned a strange face that appeared to be peering out of Shirley's eye pupil. It looked like my deceased ghost hunting friend. Well, he had a message for me.... (LINK TO POST ABOUT THE FIGURE IN THE EYE

We went to the gas station and Julie got out to fill the tank and started pumping gas. When it got to $6, it clicked off. Then, she realized she hadn't used her card. 

An elderly Native American lady came up to her and told her that she went inside to use her only $6 to buy gas and her son moved the car around to another pump while she was coming out. 

I reached into my purse, grabbed a bunch of bills and handed them to her, telling her to fill her tank up.

We drove down the road to find a store where Julie could go purchase things we needed. While she was inside and I was in the jeep, I pulled up Facebook Messenger to see who was messaging me. I always have a few hundred messages on there, but this time the screen was blank except one word 

followed by one friend - Paul, who had died in January whose image appeared to be in Haunted Shirley's eye. It listed November 2, 2016.

I blinked. My hand shook. I gasped out loud.

"Paul?" I asked. 

I looked anxiously to the store door, hoping Julie would be out fast to take a picture of the screen with her cell. But, the cell phone screen darkened and I tapped on it to bring it back and it now listed all the hundreds of messenger people again like it normally did.

Was Paul along on the trip with us, protecting us from further Haunted Shirley tampering? I can't say for sure, but I got the distinct impression that my friend who dealt all his life with haunted objects was considering himself a body guard.

If that wasn't odd enough, our first night on the trek we stayed in a haunted hotel room. Guess what photo was on the wall beside our room?

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