Haunted Shirley: The Luncheon Minx

I thought I'd surprise some friends by bringing Shirley to lunch. I set her in the middle of the lunch table and they examined her cautiously and then, well, she started to act up - 

Two forks flew off the table, one spewing food that was on it. They were retrieved, but then as one friend decided to do a selfie of our table and us gathered around Shirley, he held up the cell phone and the screen showed the entire table and the three of us, but no Shirley! 

My friend lowered the cell, looked at it and held it back up to take the pic and there she was. Photo taken!

It was rather odd when I look back that last week when my best friend and I were talking about our upcoming road trip, right after that her car got wrecked. She still cannot explain how it happened. Luckily that did not stop the trip, we used a rental car.

I joked that Haunted Shirley was keeping us from going on the road, but in the back of my mind I keep having this feeling that she wants us to be complacent while she plots something....

If it isn't enough, I prepared to go to a film industry meeting with my co-members and they came to pick me up and their hybrid car wouldn't work. They pulled up, turned it off, got me and I climbed in and - nada! 

I kidded that Shirley once again was causing problems. But, as I said that, it made me think of Shirley in my room and I remembered I left my curling iron on, right beside her, in fact, touching her dress! I rushed inside and turned it off, but I couldn't help thinking about the other fires she was said to have started. The fact that their car didn't work, making me think of her, making me remember the curling iron made me wonder if it was true that my friend, Paul, might be overriding her fire-starting tendencies....